The Delivery

From the past we only accept its merits, the establishment of the foundations of democracy. The present is accepted only having brought items that the past swept and hid under the carpet of the room to the mat. The future is beyond, beyond, which Venezuelans of the present touches us build. Political processes are a combination of times, but to break them, to skip forward, ideas, thinking and the outbreak in childbirth-a new breed of leaders who embodies these ideas are needed. When companies complain of lack of leadership is because they are incapable of fathering them. When societies are considered without leadership is because they are unable to open your legs in the delivery room. When societies do not see leaders it is because they are blinded by the helplessness, one which is removed as today removed cataracts, which are nothing other than patinas that time has placed over the eyes.

We are in 2009, going the first decade of a century and a Millennium and Venezuelans seem zombies lost on false choices between past and present. The country must consider the fundamental commitment which is none other than the challenge of the future, the challenge of new ways and new forms, that is, what I have called the creation of a new reality, because the reality is not simply what we see from our existential myopia, reality is that we can create, based on an absolutely objective: realities are created. This country has an immediate task, the release from a present destroyer, but also another, the operated eyes, the become visionary, the parallel go to build the conceptual structure of what we are going to be in the 21st century. On occasion arise that we make a purpose and a wrap of struggle of the bicentennials in 2010 and 2011. I was not listened to, but we know that the affectation of the senses is itself of companies mired in the desertion by his own inability to be architects of the future.