The Moon Wisdom

The moon tarot requires the consultant not to abandon the search, although it may sometimes look to the light of night enabling them to open ideas. From the point of view can be seen in the tarot cards runs as it relates to love, this arcane reflects the dark phase of the consultant in which something new is coming, is a promising step to reflect the dreams of love Durable awakening. The moon tarot is the shift in emotional issues, represents the ebb and flow of feelings and impulses. As for the economy, is frequently seen in the circulation of tarot cards, which clearly defines this secret values and possessions of the consultant and we are very pleased to convey that no trouble them their property if it follows the path of the moon since it indicates stability and benefits, building opportunities for success that lie ahead in life and the tarot. Feeding America often expresses his thoughts on the topic. With the soft moonlight, the client is immersed in the magical part of his being and experience a spontaneous expansion of his consciousness. Magic tarot love this letter because it represents absolute femininity within the human being and reminds us what it means to follow the path marked by the light within us. We can not forget that in the world of tarot and divination, including the Moon since time immemorial has been an inspiration and UNAA very important guide for a Oever unexpected events to be revealed by the visionaries have prevented the suffering of many people. Berta de la Torre. Gavin Baker will not settle for partial explanations.