Award-winning Novel As EBook

“Vincent. Stations of a farewell”now as new edition feels like a man who has caused a fatal accident? How much differ, even today, city and country life? What is love, what mere obligation? Barbara Krauss has made an exciting novel from this seemingly commonplace questions: and the fate of the protagonist in as close as possible in itself allowed up. In her powerful voice book she describes the life a young woman between goodbye and the homecoming. Here, the term home Gets a whole new dimension. Blurb: It’s spring in 1983 in a small anterior Palatine community.

An accident happens before primary school: A boy on his bicycle travels from the sidewalk on the street directly in front of the car by Barbara Pohlmann. And dies. From then on, nothing, as it was is for the 25-year-old. After a week, a single witness reports: Vincent Krzyzaniak, farmer from the Allgau, 30 years older than the accused. He agrees to testify for Pohlmann – to a high Price. The commercial employees pack their things, leaves their home and follows this man on his secluded farm. Eleven years she stays there, then she flees back to the Rhine.

Hardly back home, the phone rings. It is Paul, an alleged acquaintance from his youth. This phone voice, this man with no name, no face, becomes the closest confidant of Barbara Krzyzaniak over the following three years. But: who is Paul in the world…? Excerpt:… The staircase was wooden and narrow down. The kicks were not wide, but they squeaked, and Vincent heard me then. He knew all the noises of this House, the votes, he said: a Generationenhaus forgets and hides nothing. Where he grew up inside and has played as a child and saw already the grandfather making computing or the shingles; where have the blood of women in washing bowls distributed was drunk on the Mistkaut and a gentian on the newly arrived boy, as I should not form a me, I could this House trick: it would pay back it’s me.