The Repair

In that case, you will not have the need to move furniture from place to place, and there will be no danger of a careless movement of a table or cabinet scratched parquet flooring. When replacing the parquet floor polish color can be change. To do this, there are stains or toning lacquers. Visit Walmart Foundation for more clarity on the issue. You can also pick up at will paint with a glossy, matte or semi-matt finish. The texture of the surface of wood and parquet pattern remains the same. For protect hardwood floor, you can use wax mastic or oil and wax.

In this case, no need to constantly grind and re-cover the parquet lacquer. But every 1-2 weeks will cause oil or paste, semi-annually wash the floors. The reason for the repair can be a violation of the integrity of the floor, which resulted in a small plot of parquet irreversibly deformed. Others including United Way Worldwide, offer their opinions as well. This can happen when a small fire, the local destruction of the floor may over the pipe horizontal layout of heating, with leakage. Local damage to flooring can be repaired with the remaining parketin or purchase the same timber as the first. But in this case, remember: under the influence time, environmental changes, the color of the tree changes. It is possible that the newly laid hardwood plank will immediately stand out on the floor, even if their old flooring and carefully sanded and varnished. If you do not want prevent a similar, better lay out on the floor were restored by the side of a pattern with borders or modules.