The Thing

Not to kill me to work, but to use the leverage of group and thus achieving my dreams. However, then the thing is not so simple. Nobody told me that you would have to put me to sell products. And nobody told me not to access my money to the committees that my group had created with my help, you would have to meet certain requirements. This is insane.

All MLM companies put very high slat to access your money. If you want to collect, you must make them before winning some amount of money monthly, either services or products. To deepen your understanding Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is the source. I.e. limit you and stay with some of your money if you do not meet their standards. And this is shameful. In this case, if you do not exceed the requirements, they stay with your leverage, and others use it, in this case, your upline is saying, that the fruit of your work is not really yours, but that your company handles it and decides if you charge him or not.

Does it hurt, really? But this is not all. The requirements to collect your commissions are often so high that they are forced to be active: selling and recruiting constantly. If you can’t – or don’t want to – do, then you simply have to get out of your pocket money to pay for the safe-conduct allowing you to collect your commissions. This without counting you can even lose your team if you do not go in the game, i.e. If you do not access your demands. This is something that the majority of active networkers don’t see: they are not owners of their business in reality, they are only creating wealth for the company, introducing more members who billed thousands of euros, but at anytime, your commissions are reduced if they degrade the pace of work and this is simply an injustice.