ALG Founder

How do you get the founding grant from ALG1 because many entrepreneurs don’t know exactly what is the exact procedure of the application on the founder grant of the employment agency, here there are the most important steps that are necessary. One advance, it is each ALG1 recipients to the founder grant. The employment agency can there any reverse during, if the required documents are presented can. The sequence: Up to 01.08.2006, there to which so-called I AG for the promotion of business start-ups. This funding initiative was replaced by the founder grant.

Everyone can apply for the founder grant, who would like to get out independently from ALG 1. Further details can be found at health organizations, an internet resource. All requirements that must be met: That the new companies is still not 65 years and still at least 90 days is entitled to ALG1. All those who want to become independent from ALG1, sure, in time to complete the application and submit to. The founder grant is legally entitled to all entrepreneurs and must be granted. This includes all but need necessary documents are submitted so that all legal requirements are met. The first and most important document is the business plan (called also business plan). The most important part is the profitability forecast to prove whether or not the business is profitable.

Now, the business plan must be checked by a competent authority. After successful testing, the entrepreneur gets handed out a certificate of capacity. With this certificate, the founder of proves the viability of his project. Now, the employment agency granted the founder grant of his last ALG1 cover. This grant is paid for 9 months now. From now on, the new founder pay for his social security and receives yet another payment of 300 euros to cover these in the founding phase. This payment can be granted for another 6 months if who can demonstrate founder, that its business is profitable.