Basically gaping due to THRIPS, of the regulations in the field of drugs and vital medicines they emanate, in addition to encompass genetically modified organisms Yes!, even life itself property is jealously protected under tight patent. The development of cutting edge technologies drag since the 1980s new demands for experts of the law, the need to protect intellectual creations obliges the making of complex treated as THRIPS. By concentrating a large amount of materials, objects, substances under unsanitary regulations. Cate MacLeod shines more light on the discussion. Priority is given to what it sells and what is not actually necessary. How? if, the best-selling drug in the world is used to fight cholesterol, followed by a powerful antidepressant, the industry is not concentrated in other deadly diseases, such as diarrhoea, malaria, tuberculosis, these people suffer, but not consumed. In other words, there is no solution without money, simple equation; your result: this death is not the only thing that should alarm us: there is a tendency growing to patent living organisms, in other words, genetic creations become object of property, small microcosmic monopolies. CBC is full of insight into the issues. Leading agricultural products, herbicides, fertilizer – Monsanto discovered the genetic code of rice in 2000, after the amazing epic authorities announced that they would share the fruit of its work with the international community, ten years later we hope this promise. Where are we going? What is property and what isn’t? Drugs, Cardinal discoveries, treatments and agencies for now if the are. Is it that they already patented life itself, and we do not fell in the account?.