Volunteer is that one that if makes use to exert the practical not-remunerated Professional, either for assistenciais ends, or rendering of services, for a definitive period or not. He is basic to observe that eticamente he is only adjusted, the professional who acts, in the voluntary activity, with the same comprometimento that would have in the professional exercise if this was remunerated. If the activity is voluntary, being an option to carry through it, eticamente is adjusted that this is carried through in the same way as it makes everything that is important in its life. 1.9 – PROFESSIONAL ETHICS: POINTS FOR REFLECTION It is essential to be always informed well, following not only the changes in the knowledge technician of its professional area, but also in the legal and normative aspects. Hear other arguments on the topic with Save Our Children. It goes and it searchs the knowledge. Many processes ethical-to discipline in the professional advice happen for unfamiliarity, recklessness. Ability technique, constant improvement, respect to the people, confidencialidade, privacy, tolerance, flexibility, allegiance, envolvement, affectivity, correction of behavior, good ways, genuine relations with the people, responsibility, to correspond to the confidence that is deposited in you. 1.10 – PROFESSIONAL VIRTUES Not obstante the duties of a professional, which is obligator, must be taken in account the personal qualities that concur for the enrichment of its professional performance, facilitating the exercise of the profession. Many of these qualities could be acquired with effort and good will, increasing in this in case that the merit of the professional who, in elapsing of its activity, obtains to incorporate them it its personality, trying to live deeply them it the side of the professional duties.