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Scientific Council

However. It's no secret that there are times when people did not get the result. That is, it expectations did not materialize. He was neither better nor worse. He did not notice anything, and he felt at his feelings. But … Continue reading

Artistic Expression

' ' The artistic expressions make the bridge between our unconscious and our conscientious one, and disclose archives kept and hidden in our imaginary one, that they represent souvenirs, emotions and feelings, that still remain presentes' ' (ARCURI, 2006, P. … Continue reading


This boarding searched to understand of what it consists the structure of the mind and as the cognitivas capacities are organized leaving of the estimated one of that the information process operates in ' ' mdulos' ' of form, relatively … Continue reading

The Discovery

Always taking in account the tunning with the customer, placing it along with what it will go to occur in session and if it will be made use to follow or wants to change something. One works in set with … Continue reading

International Organization

Amongst these changes, some have focus in the worker, the example of the improvement of the work conditions (physical structures of the organization and tools of work), programs of health (mental, ergonomic, etc) of the employee and the personal and … Continue reading

Tips For Buying Sunglasses

Ultraviolet radiation can cause severe damage to the eyes, so sunglasses in addition to an attachment in the current fashion, are indispensable for the protection offered against UV rays. From the aesthetic approach designer Donatella Versace says that the lenses … Continue reading

Foundation Ovido Teixeira

To work with hipertenso was a sufficiently enriquecedora experience. They are anxious; they load a dense load very; they are worried excessively with everything and all, and very little with them. The group, then, had the possibility to learn to … Continue reading