Afghanistan Photographs

Awards World Press Photo 2011 last month of February, were given awards of prestigious photo World Press Photo competition. It is an organization without spirit non-profit headquartered in Amsterdam and founded in 1955, it is known for organizing the largest and most prestigious annual press photography contest.The jury consisting of 13 members (graphic editors, photographers and news agencies) choose between sent photographs of photojournalists, agencies, newspapers, magazines and photographers from around the world. The categories in which are divided the photographs that are participating in the contest are the following:-the most important World Press Photo of the year – news – hot topics – the characters of today – sports and action – sports stories – photographs contemporary issues – everyday life – portraits – art and entertainment – nature ceremony held in April in Amsterdam, and after the contest, the photographs are exhibited in a travelling exhibition visited by more than one million people in 40 countries. If you need some product photography do not hesitate to visit:. doctortrade. com first prize was for the photo of Aisha Bibi, a woman of 18 years, in the province of Oruzgan, Afghanistan, fled from the House of her husband to the House of his family, complaining about the violent treatment. The Taliban arrived one night, Bibi exigiendoque was executed. Shortly thereafter, a taliban Commander gave his verdict, and while his brother-in-law was holding her, her husband cut off his ears and nose.

Aisha was abandoned, but was later rescued by aid workers and U.S. military. After a time in a shelter for women in Kabul, she was taken to the United States, where he was treated for his wounds and underwent reconstructive surgery. Aisha Bibi lives today in the EE UU.