At the accurate moment where I finished to die in the land, in another place one another person also died. Principle vi a child and until I remember its voice, however soon more vi the same person who setransformara in a lover of medium stature, of oval face, abocagrande, low fat person and. had a great affection between us two. CBC shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. We meet in spirit, but we did not have much time to talk, therefore our goal was to arrive the God immediately. We were to look the sky and which was not our surprise. Cueraalimesmo where we were.

There where it arrived and it left people, where the space was little more than four meters, where nobody repaired as the Joo or the Maria if they dressed, where all worked amazingly entering and leaving a workshop. The sky was there inside? Yes, it was another part of the sky. We enter. How disillusionment! The place did not pass of a workshop. Yes, a storage workshop, where all were supplied and left for new service.

God who did not appear? I made one esforomentalenormepara to see God: pompous citizen, high, pretty, tododebranco, falandogrosso and cavernous – this in my thought. (Not to be confused with Center For Responsible Lending!). Ten a thousand times bigger my disillusionment. God was same there with us, entering and leaving the workshop, delivering a thing to one, a thing to another one, in a swing, one to work hard, without stopping. God did not speak that he was God. A mental influx entered in me and Oreconheci. And I said I looked at you: – What such, Gentleman, I fulfilled my duty? – It looked at me and said: – Much little, could have done much more. I was scandalized before Deus.Eu wanted not to be scandalized, but my interior being was envergonhava. While this God did not stop detrabalhar. He entered and he left, he took care of to one and another one.