Beautiful figurines, you can collect or play with them. The figure by Schleich are very faithful to detail and hand painted. As a result, they inspire children and adults. What toddler dreams not of: an its own stables, a trip to the dinosaurs or the life in the world of Knight. The puppets of the company Schleich, help the younger generation to experience the power of their imagination. But the choice of characters is so enormous that now collectors have discovered for themselves. The many different Schleich horses, are extremely popular with young girls.

Schleich offers them this opportunity. But not only the Schleich horses are available in a mass of forms, but there is also a real stable building. Schleich emphasizes striking an immense range of products at different horse breeds. From A as in Andalusian-like Tinker all horse breeds are faithfully implemented. But how in a correct riding, so is it also the Schleich horses not only adults but also as a foal. It is a successful Horses breeding nothing more in the way. Of course Schleich horses as Stallion and female horse distinguishable and thus way more authentic portrayed other pawns providers.

You should have a child this probably less interested in horses. Here a manor could be the nicer gift possible. For this, the company has also a series Schleich animals released. By cats about donkeys, rabbits and sheep, everything is represented what a well-equipped farm animals required. But only cows and several farm dogs make perfect the farm. As also for the horses, the characters are sorted and available in different positions after descent. There is about a cat that can stand, one that is or even one that is clean. If you prefer edgy like can instead of the native animals Schleich also crocodiles, giraffes, Tigers, or similar select. Schleich is still far more than just animals. Because there are also figures from the time of the Knights or fables, such as phoenixes. But also Dinosaurs, orcs or figures in today’s world, delivering Schleich. The extensive range of characters makes it interesting also for collectors. Regardless of whether they are focusing on a topic or collect something of all. The available for a very short time, extra collectibles are hot searched of course, by Schleich. Total records to Schleich out through a comprehensive diversity and love to detail, what distinguishes the figures from competing providers. Luke Mackenzie