Childfriendly Internet Environment

Safe and child-friendly Internet environment Hoogezand, Netherlands, December 4, 2007 for home and school! Children have a right to a safe gaming environment. This of course also applies to the Internet, where the children play as safely as possible, learn to surf, chat and can discuss. That’s why we offer a unique game play and learning environment for children from 4 to 14 years. The World Child Web ( is the initiative of a Dutch Foundation and was launched in the year 2003. The World Child Web is the largest children’s Web page of the world and now also in Austria, Germany and the Switzerland available at: / / the Internet environment will be regularly checked. Children will find very many games, safe kids chat rooms and especially lots of information for the school. Sure chat and communicate! Kid-safe”has several safe kids chat rooms. Without hesitation Penn State explained all about the problem.

A log is saved of every chat. Abuse (paedophile, forbidden) we report the Police. The registration takes place, including with the IP address, data and time. Child-friendly browser! A child-friendly browser for at home or in school. The browser can be downloaded for free and installed. He is a nice and easy-to-use browser especially for the little ones.

Free! The website of Kidssicher”is free! To Kidssicher”we need sponsors to make financially possible. Companies and organizations can their brand names on our children’s Web page, to represent your product or other activities. For the standard offer of World child Web we have now tested a large number of children’s Web sites and added. Worldwide! The World Child Web is now available in Holland, Belgium, Germany, Austria, the Switzerland, United Kingdom and the United States; soon also in France, Italy and Spain. Every month we have now more than 2 million page views. For more information: Contact person for Germany, Austria and the Switzerland: Robert Slagter Hoogezand, Netherlands Tel.: 0031 (0) 598 – 35 11 88 Mobiel: 0031 (0) 6 11 29 00 47 E-Mail: Web:

Not Afraid Anymore To Luisa

Finally toxic protection against mold mold spores are inevitable as you know part of our environment. Once moisture indoors, these spores can find ideal growing conditions. Especially in winter, moisture, especially in children and bedrooms but also in kitchen and bathroom, is hard to avoid, because each person loses up to 2 litres of liquid per night. The result is mould on ceiling and walls, or behind cabinets. The health of the inhabitants is acutely at risk.

Many people with allergies, respiratory problems and skin diseases respond to mildew. Especially children and the elderly suffer especially often. Before that, Sabine Parthenschlager from Dusseldorf was trying to protect her daughter Luisa. Often bites his cat in the tail,”says Parthenschlager. Most so-called mold colors have namely poisonous substances which release them over the course of years to prevent the growth of mold,”she notes. They go with toxic fungicides and pesticides, chlorine, plasticizers and solvents against mold before. This is still dangerous as the mold itself.

That isn’t what got us in question.” When doing some research on the Internet, the housewife and her husband Jurgen encountered non-toxic colours by iQprotec. For more clarity and thought, follow up with NHCC and gain more knowledge.. Under, they found these colors, which poison to protect the spaces with silver ions. We know that silver is known since antiquity as a material, where no bacteria and germs can exist. Silver in combating mold is as effective. Therefore, these colors must release no toxins to protect against mold included and running. In the Internet-shop, we bought the colors and were first somewhat skeptical. But we could smell it when we opened the first color bucket. Since nothing after chemical smelt. The colors were more expensive than the toxic alternatives. But now we have to worry more about the health making our Luisa. We have cancelled all our rooms with the colours of the iQprotec. Because let’s face it, often you do this properly more than once a day to ventilate properly. Since the color takes us also a bit of work out.” Sabine Parthenschlager (39) and Luisa (4). Kristina protected from mold in the room. For more information: iQprotec GmbH, Dusseldorf contact person: Wolfgang Woginger, Tel. 0211-695 240 57, E-mail,

World Children

Great children’s Party provides fun and game KindyROO celebrates children’s day Berlin. The Berlin educational institution KindyROO Germany celebrates the universal children’s day on Sunday, September 20th. The varied programme of action takes place from 11 am until 5 pm in Wilmersdorf, Hohenzollerndamm 196/corner Uhlandstrasse. Children from 2 months to 6 years are welcome to attend with their parents. During exercises on the indoor game trail or on the button puzzle box, you can playfully extend their skills.

A sea of air balloon, the big drawing competition and a professional photoshoot of STARFACE”bring the little ones especially have fun. But also for adults, this day has a lot to offer. In informal conversations or short lectures, you can learn about the natural stages of development of their children and learn how they help their children to exploit the full potential of age-appropriate development. KindyROO KindyROO was developed in Australia and has been since the year 2000 international success. In addition to a total of 100 branches already opened numerous educational center in New Zealand, Korea, Singapore, India and China with more than 10,000 participants in Australia. Education Center were opened in Europe, in Hungary and Turkey. In group lessons, children help of their parents with trained personnel perform simple exercises that stimulate their physical, mental and social development. The parents KindyROO conveys knowledge and (parent) skills and thereby promotes more security everyday dealing with their children. Contact: KindyROO Germany Uwe Cyriax Hohenzollerndamm 196 10717 Berlin phone: 030-8571 6304 email: press: Conflatis Tina Niklas rattling str. 25 45277 Essen mobile 0177 87 85 281 E-Mail more information and the programme of action to the world children’s day at KindyROO are on the Internet at available.


With the right promotion manages the school success round 4% of all school children have trouble with spelling or reading. For school success, that can represent a major hurdle if the problems are not detected early enough and treated professionally. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Prevent Cancer Foundation. Actually, each teacher is responsible for the diagnosis of a legal writing disorder, but the reality is often different. Most of the teachers and teachers are simply not trained for this demanding task. Not better, it is with the promotion of the affected boys and girls. Individual support in school is wrong. Instead, support groups are offered occasionally, the mostly but do nothing to repeat once more as the school material.

Helpful therapies look like but not benefit dyslexics, because often they have problems in perception, so that they can decode heard or read information not as fast as their classmates. Merk weaknesses or concentration problems can read and Lead law writing weaknesses. These deficits must be applied in promoting, not directly to the spelling rules. These are first learned in the course of therapy. Extensive information on free information on dyslexia and the bypass to get interested and affected parties on the Internet page. There you will find also addresses of recognized learning therapists, reading tips and helpful learning materials in addition to the latest research results. UTA Reimann Hohn provides on demand by E-Mail free of charge, quickly and unbureaucratically. UTA Reimann Hohn, degree education, learning therapist, author of the 20.4.2009

Pregnancy And Childbirth

Preparation for my baby – what can I do pregnancy -? The new born every girl dreams to be even your own mother at least once in their childhood that – and to have a baby. If a woman becomes pregnant then later, then the thoughts of the new born no longer characterize the childish ideas of that time. They want to prepare itself optimally on the baby to grant a perfect start in the life of the new born. This begins already in the course of the pregnancy. Because even while a woman is pregnant, she establishes a connection to the child and has to plan many things and to do.

There is thoughts about whether the baby is healthy, whether it is growing well and whether at birth everything will go well in the first place. You think about what name the baby to wear. The baby facilities should also exist when the baby comes to the world. What man because not everything needs – nursery, clothes, pampers, car seat, stroller, etc. Women are also, whether they want to breastfeed her child or her bottle feeding be.

Men and women struggle with fears, whether they have grown the education of a child. And to optimally prepare for the birth to visit typically a course of preparation for birth. A baby is a huge change, it is the life of a couple from one minute to another on the head. It requires 100% by us, and around the clock. But if you hold the little creature in my arms you’re willing to give this 100%.

Harmony Kids Birthday: Birthday Without Losers

The best parents Advisor with community-promoting group matches is 2. “Edition released – competition games are the past to professionals on children’s birthday recommend harmonious birthday birthday without losers the parents guide parents guide: children’s birthday without losing Gemeinschaftsfordernde matches” Dr. Scheffler Haajboy has proven itself now well in parents, youth leaders, educators and sports clubs. Therefore, he appeared now in second, extended edition and gives even more ideas for happy and harmonious birthday than before. In the trade magazine for youth leaders and staff in youth work “youth and me” (11.Auflage January 2008) was”by Praxiserfahrenen birthday without losers positively reviewed:… Of the building and the outline here, the book meets quite professional requirements. Very user friendly E.g.

the sort of the games by category, as well as the header in each game description with information about age suitability, required material, the cheapest venue and the characteristics (calm / lively, etc.) “Positively to fall the tips to increase the voltage from one to the next game, and the description of theme birthday (with a search and task rally as well as ideas for a pirate – and a horse birthday)…” (Andreas Robra) Readers write:… My 5 year old daughter has survived her first birthday party and their guests could enjoy her! Thank you!” (Patricia Vogler at the 22.5.2009 at amazon) Parents guide to children’s birthday-usual competition games replaced cooperative community-development games. This creates an atmosphere of cooperation rather than conflict among the children. Competition is eliminated, thus avoiding anger, disappointment and tears of losers. American Cancer Society recognizes the significance of this. Cheerful togetherness and fun come first and along the way the children develop their teamwork playing.

Children’s birthday without losers “happier, more exciting, contains a wide range imaginative and fun games for indoors and outdoors embedded in the education of community-enhancing effect. Parents guide introduces spells, as well as theme birthday treasure hunt, pirate, rally and horses for example quiet, vibrant and Tobespiele, fantasy and history games, food games, water games, handicraft and painting. Children’s birthday without losers is”not merely a collection of games with an educational concept. So, proposes the parent Advisor for example also reconciliations up to suspense and describes how games can be guided or own developed. Lots of practical hints and tips complete the birthday Advisor. of harmonic birthday: birthday without losing Gemeinschaftsfordernde matches by Dr.

Anger And Aggression In Children Increasing

Playful intelligence by rage dwarf shows effect – even at the smallest now it is striking even kindergarten teachers, children are more aggressive and selfishness and anger are already massively trained even at the smallest. Carmen Hron Director of puppet theater Dolomitenkasperl has made here to counteract. I am trying to work through children adequate response, the themes of anger and aggression and to raise an awareness of the problem in the affected children”, so Hron. Her piece of the rage dwarf”, is about a dwarf who gets a bad temper tantrum and thereby break makes a lot. “The puppet shows him that there other funny ‘ ways to vent his anger. The anger bag, the bucket of roar of, or even a pillow fight.

The children are excited and get even with, that there are other ways than to go destroy toys or to throw through the area.” Carmen Hron, born in 1977, and even the mother of a child is trained Montessoriteacher and trying above all, the Children on the tracks to be included and to act. Children should be demoted to mere spectators not only. How wonderful that happens, proves every time after the performances. The children discuss the topic or play it yourself. The themes so are included in the personal world of games and imagination of children. Behaviour and experiences are so processed and questioned the own actions.

The core of the Repertoire of the Dolomitenkasperls form pieces with a focus on child protection: the rage dwarf (dealing with anger and rage) the crocodile at the dentist (dealing with fear) No, I don’t (dealing with the “no””) wants the blue mouse (dealing with bullying, be laughed at) one could wish for new topics for pieces, which the Dolomitenkasperl should implement and experience. From a theatre version of the favorite book of the child of up to current year – and problem issues everything is possible”, so the puppet theater director Carmen Hron. Decoration and wallpaper images of small stage come incidentally from Alvina Glove, an artist who is responsible for the stage design of the Dolomitenkasperls. Booking the stage for kindergartens, elementary schools, nursery schools and private or corporate events directly to the woman Director: Carmen Hron E-mail: phone: 0699 / 100 88 218


Buy children’s clothing for the baby and child online – we look forward! The baby is not there but it is still fully engaged in the topic. For nearly eleven months my wife and I are trying a baby to get. Before we both knew anything about things like Eisprungen or fertility. It is said that the world changes, as soon as you get a baby. I think it begins much earlier. Since the moment we decided to try to bring a new life into the world, our priorities have become something else. We have become not boring or have lost the desire to go celebrate or meet with friends.

Looking at his own actions and life style with new, open, and perhaps innocent eyes. Like a new born child might. The last eleven months are the most fascinating and exciting at the same time my previous life. We walk through the city, we see pregnant women how happy they look. We envy, no, we’ll just see.

We are in H & M on the Shopping and find ourselves suddenly in the pregnancy Department. Instead of running away as a few years ago with fear we look slowly around, smile and imagine how beautiful it will be. We find now simply cute and beautiful children’s clothing. My wife is not pregnant. We have to conquer a few hurdles in the form of a miscarriage. But we remain positive and hope to go someday, in a store and finding something nice for the small or to buy children’s clothing online in the Internet. That would be a dream. I think patience is one of the biggest roles. We love each other very much and want to finally see a product of our love, touch and even hear. BS


Beautiful figurines, you can collect or play with them. The figure by Schleich are very faithful to detail and hand painted. As a result, they inspire children and adults. What toddler dreams not of: an its own stables, a trip to the dinosaurs or the life in the world of Knight. The puppets of the company Schleich, help the younger generation to experience the power of their imagination. But the choice of characters is so enormous that now collectors have discovered for themselves. The many different Schleich horses, are extremely popular with young girls.

Schleich offers them this opportunity. But not only the Schleich horses are available in a mass of forms, but there is also a real stable building. Schleich emphasizes striking an immense range of products at different horse breeds. From A as in Andalusian-like Tinker all horse breeds are faithfully implemented. But how in a correct riding, so is it also the Schleich horses not only adults but also as a foal. It is a successful Horses breeding nothing more in the way. Of course Schleich horses as Stallion and female horse distinguishable and thus way more authentic portrayed other pawns providers.

You should have a child this probably less interested in horses. Here a manor could be the nicer gift possible. For this, the company has also a series Schleich animals released. By cats about donkeys, rabbits and sheep, everything is represented what a well-equipped farm animals required. But only cows and several farm dogs make perfect the farm. As also for the horses, the characters are sorted and available in different positions after descent. There is about a cat that can stand, one that is or even one that is clean. If you prefer edgy like can instead of the native animals Schleich also crocodiles, giraffes, Tigers, or similar select. Schleich is still far more than just animals. Because there are also figures from the time of the Knights or fables, such as phoenixes. But also Dinosaurs, orcs or figures in today’s world, delivering Schleich. The extensive range of characters makes it interesting also for collectors. Regardless of whether they are focusing on a topic or collect something of all. The available for a very short time, extra collectibles are hot searched of course, by Schleich. Total records to Schleich out through a comprehensive diversity and love to detail, what distinguishes the figures from competing providers. Luke Mackenzie

Yookidoo Kaleidoscope

The blanket can easily fold up, carry and store. The accessories can be removed for washing. Receiver. UK: approx. 65,-babies first book for babies different stages of development is the accordion book made of soft fabric, because it has two pages one with simple forms and images for the smallest one with something more complex for the larger ones. In addition, the book plays either a soothing and a lively melody, friendly faces light up in their rhythm. Follow the lights, to little head and shoulders lift a great workout for the time of the prone position! The music will turn off after ten minutes of out alone again.

The book can be anywhere, be it in the crib, stroller or on a blanket. Receiver. UK: approx. 20,-to watch and admire: the colorful Yookidoo Kaleidoscope a nearly magical effect assumes this colourful Kaleidoscope, which provides new suggestions have the tiny tots and stimulates to look and listen closely. It is equipped with four discs that play different melodies just like the CDs of adults, provide however a fascinating light show. Make sure all around arranged mirrors and lights, which produce beautiful visual effects each fit to the music. The delivery includes a disc holder with the Kaleidoscope just on the bed or on the pushchair can be hung. Receiver.

“” UK: approx. 50,-intervention, play, learn with the funny balloon “the gripping game balloon” Yookidoo trained the coordination of eye and hand and promotes the sense of touch of the little ones. Also the sizzling balloon with his different surface structures and a sound game provide plenty of fun. So the baby can have his pleasure always and everywhere, the balloon can be with a fastening clip quite