Bank Assistance

I am enemy create ministries and I believe that we need to delete a few, but in the specific case I’m inclined to the creation of the Ministry to combat poverty, not only to put the emphasis on a priority programme of the State but so have the political strength of coordinate dependencies, since we will have to appeal to all plants, but also to the regional and local. Official site: Center For Responsible Lending. We must involve all levels of power, because I think that we should advance is a focus. That is, census by neighborhood or locality of skills that may be the subject of productive organization and immediate to microcredit recurrence. I believe that this programme should focus on women. I speak of projects of all kinds, an imagination fueled by the officials who carry out investigations and a system of loans such as the ones implemented in way more than successful for the Bank of the poor of Bangladesh and that he deserved the Nobel Prize holder.

I speak of urban areas and I acknowledge differences with the programmes to be implemented in rural areas, but there are enough experiences to develop plans. The State gives infrastructure, from roads to health services, but must be people, with all the necessary assistance, which go to training and cooperative for the development of natural resources and employment until the establishment of casas-escuelas for children of these marginalized areas. I intend to draw a national solidarity programme to involve not only to private enterprise but to the entire population, to take advantage of opportunities for employment and volunteer training and implement a working method community understandable by people who show solidarity. He is not of assistance, it’s also conditional and structural aid: to make beneficiary goes as a condition children’s attendance at school. It is my general principle: whoever wants claims must pay them with their personal improvement.