Social Assistance

The child is folloied since 25 of February of 2010 in consultations carried through in the Center of Reference of Social Assistance. Comment: 1 moment was observed the arrival of the child in the school that initiates the 7:30 of the morning, it goes alone without accompaniment of an adult, everything happened normally as any child. 2 moment the teacher made the activity of routine, the call and the conjunct, after that it made activity of mathematics copied for the picture, presented certain difficulty to copy, but, it copied everything, also the calligraphy it is very legible, the child decided alone using methods that it learned, even so delayed very, also was to the last one to finish. In this exactly day the teacher asked for that each pupil made 10 words any to the choice each one and wrote down in the Portuguese notebook, the observed pupil did not think about no word, it copied six words of another previous task, then the signal touched so that they were even so did not give time to conclude. 3 moment In the interval the child interacts very well with the colleagues, presents agility in the tricks is very participativa to put very fragile in is determined activities, is one very easy docile child to deal, it is not to reply some types of tricks of bad taste, at the same moment that this it starts well to pass badly complaining of giddiness or migraine. It lacks with which had frequency, these problems of health, many times it arrives and she does not participate you are welcome is alone I sing in it, not colloquy with nobody. Through all the made comments, the child perceives that this necessary child of aid of professionals that understands these questions, so that it can obtained to win many obstacles even though to learn to coexist this deficit.