Baraka Ex Minister Relationship

Now, Bernanke and Trichet predict the end of the recession in the coming months. I.e., return to the business, although still the new rules are not perceived of game promised. Blessed because the millions of unemployed or savers of the world who want to believe in the good news and who yearn for it since months. They expect a healthy recovery, which arrives unless it is accompanied by similar to Madoff, Stanford or the trader’s La Societe Generale, among others. They claim the democratic and liberal State to exercise its powers for a healthy market that do not leave of side the weakest. They do not want to be mere consumers but they are intended to be considered as taxpayers, worthy citizens of their right to know, demand and be protected. Liberalism, can not exempt Governments and legislators of the duty to dictate the rules, which allow to balance the relationship between the Bank and the customer, between the insurer and the insured and make disappear the small print of the one-sided contracts, which are distributed in mass to concessionaires of public service users.

Liberalism, does not justify misleading advertising or the marketing of dangerous products, are financial or food. Liberalism should not assume that it disappears the ethic of the audiovisual media, to the point of seeing them transformed into global casino, by dint of SMS. Liberalism, which was conceived in part as a defense against political despotism of State, cannot, in the heyday of its development, be synonymous with anarchy or impunity, even less than a tragic deregulation of the human relationship. We would therefore face new obligations as democratic and liberal State must take to avoid failure confirmation? Not I Machiavelli that the that does not detect the evils when they are born, is not truly wise said?