Hernandez Square

Spectacular. So summarizes Jose Luis Hernandez, Director General of CARLiN sales direct, the Hiperpapeleria that teaches it has just opened to the public and which from now on will undoubtedly become its flagship. And it is that this franchise has decided to bet on a new look in the premises which until now had intended in its headquarters in Villaviciosa de Odon (Madrid) to the sale and distribution of material for its franchisees. Thus the things the 400 square metres that occupies this space have been fully processed. Not only in the physical if not also in the concept. We are excited about this new adventure.

Our commitment to continuing to innovate has not been able to exit better. We have completely transformed this space and we have provided an atmosphere and a very nice rustic, zen decor to view which enjoys special importance the materials recycled wood, based which provides a cozy feeling that catches you from the first moment. In this way we want to approach CARLIN to anyone who wants to get closer to the Avenida Quitapesares 22 of the Parque Empresarial Villapark Villaviciosa de Odon, can do so, adds the Executive. But this store has also also been adequate to continue working to the franchisees who flocked there so far. What changes is the place where you will receive your orders.

We have organized a new warehouse for them just behind the public of a foot. There we have adequate space of 900 square metres divided into 3 floors (each 300 square meters). In addition we also have a basement with 1,000 square meters that will be used to store all the equipment supply, explains Hernandez. The new era of CARLINCon this approach to the public which is the first brand of reference in the Spanish market (it has over 400 franchises in Spain and in six foreign countries) thus begins a new stage in the career of CARLIN.Our philosophy further improve together with our partners we launches to create a new way to continue business, says Jose Luis Hernandez, Director General of CARLiN sales direct. To address this new step the Ensign has made an important contribution of capital which has addressed: – the cost of the works – the extension of your team to provide a personalized attention and excellent for with the public – the increase in the number of providers (a dozen) in order to have a comprehensive and competitive range of products and articles printing new profesionalLa Hiperpapeleria service includes in addition a printer HP Print Station station where it is offers a complete range of high quality printing services, creation of images and designs to give shape to all types of creative projects such as brochures, labels, posters, or business cards.