Bavaria PELLETS GMBH Offers New Concept To The Pellet – Making!

Bavaria PELLETS GMBH offers new concept to the pellet – making! The company Bavaria PELLETS GMBH opts for a new concept in the field of pellet production. The Divise nature is when you pur”. Fresh from the forest thinning wood or leftovers from timber harvesting in the future will serve as a basis for the production of pellets. Roundwood has in Germany almost everywhere a certificate, ensure a source of sustainable environmentally managed forests. While most of the works with raw materials from sawmills are working, the Bavaria pellets works will take your raw materials in the future directly from the forest.Thus it provides the concept.

Thinning wood and industrial roundwood accumulates in large quantities in the regions, the former remains but mainly lie in the Woods and rot there. The strict requirements for grinding wood arise directly from the production process. Debarking, hacking, chipping and dryer be installed upstream of the actual production. The production of micro chips happens on mechanical Way. Sanding wood must be, freed first completely from bark and bast what’s happening in rotating debarking drums due to friction on the wall and knocking together the pieces of wood. The accruing bark is fed into the production here of bark briquettes.

With the project it will be possible forest fresh wood pellets, to produce pellets from forest wood and to bridge the gap between wood and pellets. Forest owners gives the chance to produce the raw material thinning wood and industrial roundwood itself as an energy supplier and market. Short transport routes can be reached through the pellets from forest fresh wood concept”from the forest to the pellet factory and from there to the end customer. A concept that is now seamlessly into eco-friendly thinking the economy. The company Bavaria PELLETS GMBH ( exists since 2009 and specializes in the production and marketing of high-quality wood pellets, pine wood briquettes, mixing wood briquettes, hardwood briquettes, softwood chips and hardwood wood chips under the brand name of Bavaria pellets. The Bavaria pellets aims to make tangible, transparent and comprehensible pellet quality for each consumer by the high quality of the brand Bavaria pellets. The brand Bavaria pellets stands for trust, security and price stability. Potential buyers of the DINplus and EN standard approved pellets are municipalities, businesses, housing companies, real estate companies, hotels and hospitality, as well as households. Posted by Michael Schmidt