Benevides Made

Later it served of Military Hospital and Lesser Seminary, to the time of the Bishop D. Macedo Coast. In this century, the Carmelite workmanship was at the hands of the Espiritanos (from 1885), of the Maristas Brothers, who later had delivered to the Salesianos de Dom Bosco. The old installation, according to Ernest Cross, was mausoleum of some personalities of the life paraense politics, between them: captain Peter de Albuquerque, the Governor Francisco Rabbit of Oak, General Listener Matheus Days of the Coast and cabano president Flix Malcher. Currently its presence in Par restricts it the Monastery of the Carmelite nuns who live in state of confinement in distant Benevides some hours of Belm. 1.3 – The presence of the Espiritanos the Congregation of the Espirito Santo was established by Claude Francisco Poulart DES Places, first as religious institute with only 24 pupils. Valley also to stand out the description made for the espiritanos with regard to the conservation state where if it found the building and the joined difficulties: ' ' The convent had its monumental value to the church, that really was very pretty.

Raised majestical, with 02 towers and an impressive bell tower, it had to the side of the river, an almost huge aspect. But the remaining portion of the Carmo was a sad ruin, that went to demand all efforts (also financial) of the just-fond ones in order to arrange everything, in such way that the pupils could come back in the foreseen time, the first days of January of 1886. The construction seemed a piece labyrinth without clear definition. It had, however, more or less the space what it was needed: three sufficiently spacious dormitories for 130-140 pupils; a great room for meetings. Foot. Berthon made a permanent theater there. The room of studies and the refectory were better of what the classrooms, sufficiently spacious, but spread a little for all the cantos of the building.