Business Responses To Climate Changes

There is a difference of perception and prevention in developed countries against those who just have their way towards their development, especially now when we all know the role that Earth has created the world climate change. Already countries like the United States are providing as climate change affects the behavior, social and economic responsibility of business. Serious concern, as in the Venezuelan case that concerns us, the national government still no longer say business sectors, have not become aware about the current role of climate and its impact on the environment, such as dynamic actors companies and all that it is generating and precautivas measures to be taken in this regard. We called a lot of attention to the valuable report that provides Universia Knowledge Wharthon, in a letter on this issue, where Wharton faculty and other experts say that companies should use a combination of internal and external resources, always to Later, seeking not only to manage the risks of climate change, but also gain competitive advantage. Know specifically deal with this reality. Hence, it appears, than for large firms in the U.S. and other countries respond to climate change “is no longer optional, as noted by Paul Kleindorfer, emeritus professor of Operations Management and Information Wharton. “Increasingly, shareholders and non-governmental organizations act decisively and objectively in the sense that companies, at least, understand their impact on the environment.” With all three presidential candidates support the legislation known as cap-and-trade which sets a ceiling on emissions and create a free trade market for right shares issue, the arrival of rules favorable to the preservation of environment is a “certainty” adds Eric Orts, director of Project Global Environmental Leadership at Wharton (Initiative for Global Environmental Leadership.) We report the Bulletin Wharton Universia-Knowledge, which according to a 2007 report from Lehman Brothers investment bank in Manhattan, companies must take into account not only exposure to the rules, but also their vulnerability to physical effects of warming global competition from other companies and exposure to its reputation, including the risk of possible legal action.