Charles Burnier _ Conheo the Dr. Charles! _ Very well! They could you in giving many details to them that would be of great utility pra to place a salafrrio behind the gratings, for at least one hundred years! In the gone one to the well, we summon Mr. Bonifcio and the welders to also go. When they turn the monumental workmanship that was one year underneath of feet of them, had been so apalermados that they had only made to gesture. I affirm that you he will be magic with the workmanship and history. If Mr. Bonifcio is guilty, has been so good actor who deceived in them to all. For this reason, volume the ousadia to risk a palpite, saying that I do not believe the guilt of it.

Non-observance or recklessness, perhaps, but guilt, I find difficult very. I was clearly? _ Very clearly, delegated! It does not believe the guilt of the Boni, but it does not put the hand in the fire, and good pokes of ear pra to be more careful Certain? _ Only one coisinha, is one cidadezinha small pacata of the interior and is difficult somebody here to believe that facts of this nature can happen _ With three commission agents Exactly assassinated? _ According to Mr. Bonifcio, Mr., Dr. Carlos, was well clearly that they would have to be well far from these subjects, and seems that it obeyed. Moreover, if it was taking care of of the service of it, that is, of the interests of its company, he could not have time to put the nose in what he was not of the account of it! _ Commission agent, if all the lawyers were as Mr., or the world would be full of criminals for the streets, or only the true criminals would be in the chain.