Devastating Earthquake

The 8.8 Quake on the Richter scale which struck our country in an extension of more than 450 kilometers in length, has denuded not only its soil, shores and thrown its buildings, also has left exposed the dark side of our society tremendously unequally, envious, and full of odiosidades, which emerge only in extreme situations. Banditry in devastated villages, looting in major cities, is not more than the dark soul of a disguised people on a deceptive garment of world brands, which makes us see all peers in the streets, the mall, but whose soul of those who wear these garments, is totally different from what everyone thought as a virtue of our society, solidarity. The solidarity that we understand in these last moments of the cataclysm, create chains help, telethons, volunteer, is not solidarity expressed in its very nature. Solidarity is a virtue that is intrinsic to the human being, which flourishes at times limits, is solidarity who at the time of the quake except a brother, a friend, a neighbor to a unknown to an animal, it is solidarity which gave his life on the other hand, is solidarity which to his own irrigation told the rest that they should flee to the hills because the sea was coming, solidarity la Nina de Juan Fernandez that to see that the sea rose to the island raised the alarm of disaster. It is that petty businessman, that perhaps solidarity account and irrigation of the people entrusted in, built buildings that fell or collapsed like sand castles, leaving many of them locked up or dying in masses of concrete. There are dozens of buildings in height that have collapsed in its foundations. I wonder if it is be supportive tell who bought an apartment, with the effort of a life, that this will be repaired with no guarantee that such a measure will be enough to guarantee a future earthquake damage. .