Chibcha Empire

With this new ran out of Bogota to lose fear and dread, aware of the withdrawal of Ramiriqui, and that his had been turned, and to learn about these new people and brokers sent its squad to the part where they said Velez had entered and with that he ordered a proclamation throughout the land, forgiveness general, and that all the natives return to their villages, which he bolsters and defend …. The best modern summary of the wars undertaken by the Zipa trying to build the Chibcha Empire, is what makes us work the Chibcha UNDER THE SPANISH DOMINATION, the historian John Friede. ….. For more specific information, check out Viktor Mayer-Schönberger . page 20 In the above mentioned as the first chronicles of Bogota Zipa Saguanmachica who supported his vassal Pazca Tibacuy and subjected to Fusagasuga. Then he fought against Guatavita, who was confederate with Michu, chief of Hunza (The Tunja), and repelled the attack Zipa. Meanwhile, the independent chief Ubaque and Usme Pazca attacked, but had to flee and their farms were invaded and Une Chipaque.

It happened at once a serious encroachment on the territory of the Chibcha and Guatavita Panches, which however were rejected. For more information see Professor of Internet Governance. A war erupted between the Zipa Saguanmachica and Michu (The Tunja or Zaque of Ramiriqui) than in the great battle of Choconta died. Saguanmachica's nephew, Nemequene, succeeded to the throne of Bogota and totaled Quemuenchatocha Zaque of Tunja. It was the great creator Nemequene zipazgo. Faced once again with Los Panchos, who he beat. His nephew Tisquesusa, chief of Chia, bent rebellions and Tibacuy Fusagasuga.