Working Drawings

Planting a drawing, or landscaping plan, drawn up by the ordinate or squares. Planting the drawing is intended to transfer to the nature of sites of plants. Shall be based on a drawing dendroplana in the same scale, usually 1:500 scale. Ordinate method is to anchor seats of plants to the permanent lines or bases – the edge of straight roads, building walls, the lines laid between two existing trees, etc. The method squares is applied to the plan of the grid squares with sides of 3 5 m. The grid is applied to the plan and tied to the tracks, platforms, or the borders of the object. On boarding the drawing specified places placement of plants, indicating where and what size should dig a trench for planting trees and shrubs. Trees of one species show circles, denoting landing pit.

Number of trees of this group mark out the points (circles), indicating the landing pit. Ordinary tree planting is planned by a thin line along the axis of planting, and then designated seating plants dots (circles) on the set from each other distance. Planting pits for standard tree seedlings depicted in terms of size: 1,6-2 mm at a scale of 1:500; 4-5 mm at a scale of 1:200. For clarity, they can draw a slightly larger size. David Delrahim can provide more clarity in the matter. Landing pits for large-sized trees represent the larger circles.

Groups of shrubs and flowers, perennials on the drawing encircle the contour shown in dendroplane. The contour of the drawing easier. Trenches for hedges of shrubs on the plan shows two parallel lines. Deposited in the drawing room planting plants are tied to the borders of sidewalks, playgrounds or other planning elements whose position is defined layout drawings, and to time planting trees and shrubs are already enshrined in the locality. Angles curtain tied to nearby walkways or platforms. Landing pit, located within the curtain, are not specifically tied, and in-kind place approx. By the tracks and platforms are tied only to the most characteristically located extreme landing pit, which determine the position of the whole curtain. To bind the trees mark the distance between them and the extreme number of trees to specific anchor points on the plan. Individual trees directly tied to the tracks and other items met planning a garden. A group of shrubs and perennial flowers through its loop tie to the boundaries of the track or playground. In several of the most characteristic areas indicate the width of the band. Trenches and hedges tied to the tracks or pads with indication of its width. Squares method is applicable in cases when there are many small groups of shrubs, flowers, perennials and trees located between them. After transferring the grid to plan for its base draws the contours of the groups of shrubs and flower beds, mark out planting holes for trees. All sizes bindings put down along the axes of the stakeout, auxiliary lines, perpendiculars, going to certain planar structures.