Childfriendly Internet Environment

Safe and child-friendly Internet environment Hoogezand, Netherlands, December 4, 2007 for home and school! Children have a right to a safe gaming environment. This of course also applies to the Internet, where the children play as safely as possible, learn to surf, chat and can discuss. That’s why we offer a unique game play and learning environment for children from 4 to 14 years. The World Child Web ( is the initiative of a Dutch Foundation and was launched in the year 2003. The World Child Web is the largest children’s Web page of the world and now also in Austria, Germany and the Switzerland available at: / / the Internet environment will be regularly checked. Children will find very many games, safe kids chat rooms and especially lots of information for the school. Sure chat and communicate! Kid-safe”has several safe kids chat rooms. Without hesitation Penn State explained all about the problem.

A log is saved of every chat. Abuse (paedophile, forbidden) we report the Police. The registration takes place, including with the IP address, data and time. Child-friendly browser! A child-friendly browser for at home or in school. The browser can be downloaded for free and installed. He is a nice and easy-to-use browser especially for the little ones.

Free! The website of Kidssicher”is free! To Kidssicher”we need sponsors to make financially possible. Companies and organizations can their brand names on our children’s Web page, to represent your product or other activities. For the standard offer of World child Web we have now tested a large number of children’s Web sites and added. Worldwide! The World Child Web is now available in Holland, Belgium, Germany, Austria, the Switzerland, United Kingdom and the United States; soon also in France, Italy and Spain. Every month we have now more than 2 million page views. For more information: Contact person for Germany, Austria and the Switzerland: Robert Slagter Hoogezand, Netherlands Tel.: 0031 (0) 598 – 35 11 88 Mobiel: 0031 (0) 6 11 29 00 47 E-Mail: Web: