Digital World

It stimulates the reading of its children relating them to the press; several pages in Internet have fomented, through newspapers online, the participation of the minors with different subjects from the present time. Different implemented models of learning for years, like complementary games of PC in scholastic books, have been being replaced by the reading of press devised for children. Their children, aside from acquiring the reading like habit, will be informed on the world-wide events of greater relevance and, from early age, they will forge a bond with mass media. Also, taking advantage of the resources as much the network as of the computer, the children will be able to interact in dynamic participating like the publication of all type of writings and drawings, mainly. The Digital Era the sections available in this type of newspapers are as diverse as the found ones in the conventional ones.

However, according to the policy of the Web, his son will find additional contents like the learning of another language, the writing and the participation in virtual forums. Next, three vestibules with different and showy proposals: PequeTimes the subjects used in this page, aside from being directed to a smaller public of twelve years, will strengthen the performance of their son in the network. In addition, with more than twelve years to the service, PequeTimes is one of newspapers done by and for more popular children in the Hispanic speech. Its edition is weekly and its content invites to a constant participation of the visitors. For example, the songs are introduced through histories of epidemics in schools or stories of you foretell and, as well, they are published with pentagrama, done that stimulates the grammar reading of music. Even, one of the visited sections more is the one of riddles, where the boy will be able to find subjects regarding the nature, the anatomy and the languages.