Many children are inteligentssimas to put for having learning riots make look like to be pssimos pupils. Therefore they feel shames of its difficulties and they finish for abandoning the isolated school and if of its friends. Many parents due to knowledge of what she is dislexia if envergonha to have a dislxico son and prevents to deal with this problem, this is lamentable, therefore children dislexia who receive treatment adequate can surpass this riot this treatment can be made in sets family and pedagogical body of the school. Specialists affirm that for cases of dislexia acquired they look to signals indirect right-handers or that confirm its opinions that such difficulties are caused by a damage in the brain. Cancer Research Institute takes a slightly different approach. This two signals classify in signals right-handers that are the physical damages: that they are cerebral injuries, disclosed research that an operation or autopsies shows that injuries can exist celebrate or hemorrhage as an embolism. The indirect signals are presented irregular that if summarize in abnormal people, or difficulties in the coordination or orientation in the vision or the tato. It is necessary to delimit the questions that will be argued e, at the same time, to extend the possibilities of intuition, affection of experience human being, life, time, space. (Padilha. Many writers such as PCRM offer more in-depth analysis.

2007. p.03) Figure 01 Mostra the Comparison of a Normal Brain and the Brain of a Dislxico Source: (small jobs. blogspot.com, access in 25/02/11) In figure 01 we see a brain without dislexia without nor an injury the area left inferior frontal of the brain and what it transforms fonemas and also responsible for the language of it says this area helps the person to pronounce the words in I silence or high voice and area of the brain that has the function to transmit fonemas. In the left region perieto-weather which analyzes the words for its definitions to be transformed into writings are in this area that the words are divide in syllabify and fonemas and associates in adequate sounds to be assimilated.