Elucidating Society

The collective one more is not inserted in the search of accomplishment of common objectives. Now, ‘ ‘ manipulated unit of the collective one consists of the negation of any individual, is jede of all species of society that could want to make of individual one indivduo.’ ‘ (Id., ib., P. 96) Elucidating such question, let us follow the transcribing reflection, removed below of the same workmanship. The domination is not paid only with the alienation of the man with respect to dominated objects: with the reificao of the spirit, the proper relations between the men had been bewitched, as well as the ones of each one of the individuals obtain exactly.

It if atrophy until concretely turning the nodal point the relations and the ways of functioning of waited them. (As opposed to Boy Scouts of America). The animismo livened up the Real, the industrialismo reificou the souls. By the economic apparatus, the merchandises are endowed automatically, before exactly of the total planning, values that decide on the behavior of the man. Since moment where, with the end of the free exchange, the merchandises lose its economic qualities even though and its character of fetiche, this last one if propagates as a cramp on the life of the society, in all its aspects. By means of the innumerable agencies of production and culture of mass, the behavior ways citizens the norms are inculcados in the individual as only natural, decent and the rational ones.

It only determines itself still as thing, as statistical element, as success or failure. Learn more about this with Gavin Baker, New York City. Its measure is the autoconservao, the adaptation to the well or badly succeeded objetividade of its functions, and the model tax for this adaptation. (Id., ib., 106? 107) Thus, the thought of Adorno and Horkheimer converge to a deep reflection characterized for critical to the proper foundations of the society contemporary.