The Organization LED Strip Illumination Of A Ceiling

Interior LED lighting ceiling helps to create a unique, harmonious style of the room, to separate the individual architectural features, hide flaws. One of the most interesting areas – lighting ceiling "Starry Sky", which simulates the effect of a starry sky and creates an unforgettable feeling. To illuminate the ceiling used many types of equipment: LED modules of different colors glow and power supplies for LEDs. The most common trend in interior lighting LED lighting is ceiling niches. Impressive smooth light band creates a visual depth and increase the amount of space.

Shades of Light can flow smoothly from one to another, painting a room or space to change with different lighting skorostyu.Dekorativnaya ceiling gives the interior a unique look. The ability to use controls ( Controller LED backlight), which changes the light color, brightness and speed can make a unique and comfortable environment. There are three basic ways to ceiling interior lighting: neon, with the help of fluorescent lamps and electronic ballasts and LED lighting. In this article we'll focus on LED lighting and ceiling coffers. For the organization of the LED illumination of a ceiling with their hands to us need LED modules (clusters) of the desired emission color and power supplies for them (see picture). The LED modules are usually connected in a chain of several pieces through an equal distance, makes it easier for uniform distribution of light installer. Buy LED modules are connected in a chain of 10 units can be in our online store, then do not have a chain of modules on their own – spending a wire and own time.