Environment Consequences

Stress is a voltage that is integrated by a series of demands or factors determined in the environment, which have a rumbling effect on the attitudes of the human being; Since these will cause different situations that will trigger very unfit for our environment consequences. The perception that we have about this type of behaviour, that although the consequences are defined and fully tangible before our eyes; is void and it fits the possibility that away somewhere in the world are stirring countless things, ideas and thoughts; but here people live in their world, a world totally away from the consciousness of the questions, analyze why? and the most important and essential for life knowing para que? All those factors such as noise, the news at the social level, daily activities, even the heat of the Sun; they are stimulants that affect our body’s so strongly to cause a reaction to situations where it is expected a good result; However the demand of these stimulants that integrated make up the environmental stress from which all human beings suffer, and it is worth mentioning that very few to last hours we intend to rescue intended to make a change in our attitudes so that we don’t see us affected in the future, by resource depletion that now allow us to survive. The fact of not knowing how to control this type of environmental demands created in us a unconsciousness of our acts, our thoughts that only are ideas, our behaviors that are only imitations, and customs that we have already included as part of our daily life, these same have been therefore the fact of living every day in the same routine or do not know how to organize our time for the occupations we have, robs us time to think, analyze, Act and relevant to other people what is happening around us, because the current situation commits us to live the consequences of not taking care of our environment, not sit and think that we can change in our attitudes or improve our perception that we have about this type of topics. .