Buy children’s clothing for the baby and child online – we look forward! The baby is not there but it is still fully engaged in the topic. For nearly eleven months my wife and I are trying a baby to get. Before we both knew anything about things like Eisprungen or fertility. It is said that the world changes, as soon as you get a baby. I think it begins much earlier. Since the moment we decided to try to bring a new life into the world, our priorities have become something else. We have become not boring or have lost the desire to go celebrate or meet with friends.

Looking at his own actions and life style with new, open, and perhaps innocent eyes. Like a new born child might. The last eleven months are the most fascinating and exciting at the same time my previous life. We walk through the city, we see pregnant women how happy they look. We envy, no, we’ll just see.

We are in H & M on the Shopping and find ourselves suddenly in the pregnancy Department. Instead of running away as a few years ago with fear we look slowly around, smile and imagine how beautiful it will be. We find now simply cute and beautiful children’s clothing. My wife is not pregnant. We have to conquer a few hurdles in the form of a miscarriage. But we remain positive and hope to go someday, in a store and finding something nice for the small or to buy children’s clothing online in the Internet. That would be a dream. I think patience is one of the biggest roles. We love each other very much and want to finally see a product of our love, touch and even hear. BS