Huckleberry Hound

The format of this forest graffiti depends on the filling material. A style with Rowan berries the size of 50 cm has up to 1 meter. in 2006, lazy taking a bike tour in the woods of the border triangle. His pictorial result: A style bike runs! Gallery IKE3. 0 of the place and the artistic means tested two photo series: White shell Gallery”and wild-style”.

Lazy as a unique art photographs his ephemeral works presented in his Aachen Gallery IKE3. 0 at 34 South Street. The name is program and means that according to the words of John F. Kennedy of not only in Berlin the art scene at the heart of which is time, but also the Aachener! Aachen Arts route takes part lazy since 2010 with its gallery in the Aachen Arts route. 2011 are presented the works of Lazy65, Lake, sero, fam and Huckleberry Hound of the art interested citizens of Aachen. The Graffiti is primarily art, conveys the Forum of Icke3. 0 “by Lazy65 guided. “The critical aspect is 2011: Society needs black Sheep”, artistic works depicting a black and a white sheep captured in the two canvas.

“Both carry a so-called button” in their right ear: the black sheep “a golden Creole as a sign of enslavement. “The white sheep” multiple winner plaques of the marketing and the lettering overkill “. A word game: The sprayed skills demonstrate Phink”and a female ideal portrait. One of the writer has chosen is the regional Belgian frit with mustache and cylinder as a trademark. The result of the live performance is a lazy of characteristic autonomous with a pink rose. Design study of Matthes Straetmans studied design at the Aachen University of applied sciences. His thesis Throbbing Hood is an urban event. The design of the underpass on the ELISE fountain in cooperation with charitable associations is one of the graffiti action: the Aachen drugs, AIDS, and cats help the Cafe refuge and in their own right for more legal graffiti sites.