Hunting Material

Nekozhany uppers waterproof is a breathable material. This high-tech dvuhkompozitsionny material based on a thin hydrophobic membrane. The presence of micropores in the membrane, smaller molecules of water can not penetrate into the last shoe. At the same time, internal condensation in a pair of molecules, driven by the driving force behind the difference in vapor concentrations inside and outside, calmly overcomes the micropores of the membrane in the opposite direction, evaporating into the environment. Insulation in winter shoes Hunting and tourism is a unique microfiber material.

Fiber diameter of 9.2 microns to tens of times thinner than a human hair. They hold a large volume of air, keeping the heat better. Insoles quality footwear made of special materials sole's. Modern insoles are produced by pressing, in which the diffusion of cellulosic fibers and latex materials, which provides reliable microbial resistance. The main quality insoles – Resistance to abrasion and tearing. Sole is made of a few basic materials: thermoplastic elastomer, polyurethane and vulcanized rubber. TEP is well had worked at temperatures down to minus 20 degrees Celsius, ensuring reliable grip.

Is the most common material in the manufacture of soles. Polyurethane is used in models where need for temperature down to minus 40 degrees. Rubber tires are the most versatile solution in the two previous cases. However, due to its molecular structure, the rubber is heavy material used in the classic military boots. Thus, gear and equipment necessary to give full attention in preparation for near and far and hiking expeditions. Because only correctly picked up the necessary equipment can withstand without any problems those nice test, with which abounds with leisure. Shoes, suits the modern camping, backpacks, tents, sleeping bags and more will help us to arrange simple life traveler. The more attention we give the organization the lower the probability of any adverse effects and negative impressions of the long-awaited trip.