In this small article we'll talk about how their own hands to do such a thing as a screed floor. To begin, I will give a description of the simplest, classical, that is, cement screed. Long rant I will not, because unit floor screed – employment, although not the easiest thing physically, but in general is fairly simple. Many citizens, for unclear reasons to me, scares the process. Although, the only difficulty in its implementation, it correctly calculate the amount of cement-sand mixture, and for setting beacons, which actually shrinks, this mixture. By the way, in organizations and in teams specializing in interior decoration, usually screed floor perform ancillary workers, except perhaps placing beacons, since nothing complicated about the solution to mix and dumped it on the floor to rule on the lighthouse, not really, no special knowledge here is not required. First and foremost, of course, you need to prepare the surface. That is, remove the old flooring, and possibly an old tie, if necessary.

Is it required – will be seen on her condition. If the old screed whole, and not even "the bay", you can not touch it and, in general, and think about it, but need not here at all new? It is possible that not, if it is really a whole. In this case, is right to make over the old ties samoniviliruyuschiesya (liquid) floors. About how its done, I will describe in another article. If the old screed floor of the bay, crumbles, and all – cheesy, it's better, of course, get rid of it.