Moscow Vice

The Free interpretation of the Federal Law "On the Media" allows unscrupulous journalists, filmmakers and screenwriters strike "time bomb" under the country's defense. It creates such "masterpieces" in journalism, in films and on TV, in which inciting ethnic passions (in the army and in society), or false patriotism is brought up to hate by his own citizens from the North Caucasus (and Islam), or subjected to ridicule prevailing in the targeted Russian military orders (in particular, on REN-TV). We put the question on the merits, system and believe it is necessary to draw the attention of the Defense Ministry on these negative phenomena. Traditional Islam is an ally of Russia, and socio-cultural (psychological) characteristics of young people of the Northern Caucasus (the skillful way) – Russia's defense capability is a resource. We, the government and the public, it is important to learn how to use it wisely and allied resource potential. Since the days of Alexander-II This is what far-sighted Russian military – the political elite. And only a strong Russia hidden enemies within the country to sabotage such an approach.

We are confident that appropriate approach may be possible to integrate the potential of the North Caucasian youth in the structure of the Defense Ministry, which will lead to a qualitative effect. This is especially important against the background of current challenges and future threats for Russia. We are ready to offer assistance in "ideological" and the conceptual design of such an approach to building parts of the recruits come from the North Caucasus republics. With the use of defense for Russia, course. We appeal to the Russian Defense Ministry with the hope of continuing the dialogue concerned and willing to continuous and close cooperation. Agreed and approved by the VII-th meeting of the Scientific Expert Council Ltd. "RKNK," July 13, the Moscow Vice-President of the Academy of Geopolitical Problems, Co Ltd. "RKNK" D. Sh Khalidov Co Ltd "RKNK," Lieutenant-Colonel of the Interior Ministry, MM Yandiyev Co Ltd "RKNK 'GM Gaziyev