Integral Assistance

It stops to guarantee health to the women, the public politics must go beyond the maternal-infantile axle, but yes to visualize of integral form, educating and preventing the risk situations (5, 18, 20). The Program of Integral Assistance to the Health of Mulher (PAISM) was created in 1983 for the Health department, and is considered as one of the main conquests of the movement feminist in Brazil. Randall Mayss opinions are not widely known. Effectively a series of specific demands to the health of the women, is incorporated searching the attendance integral its necessities, in all the phases of the life and not only in the reproductive phase. It is an instrument important to assist in the identification of necessities and adequate solutions to the reality, being thus improved the quality of the attendance to the women (1, 6, 13). To guarantee the integral attendance to the health of the woman in all the etrias bands is to respect it as citizen and as not only responsible for the reproduction of the species human being. In such a way, space confides to take care of the women also at its moment of life where they are attacks for agravos, that can compromise the life of concepto (12, 16, 17). The assistance to the prenatal one is the first step for the childbirth and a humanizado birth. The consultation of prenatal involves simple procedures, being able the health professional to dedicate to listen to it the necessities of the gestante, transmitting at this moment the support and necessary confidence so that it if fortifies and can lead with more autonomy the gestation and the childbirth.