Latin Man

Meanwhile it is gone braking the human progress where it is more necessary: in the knowledge and the understanding of itself exactly, as well as Scrates defended. It is dispensable to discourse on the reasons of the convenience of the ignorance, today, travestida of necessity and popular wisdom. Perversely it is there that this interest but goes to justify itself. However, the popular wisdom always was unequivocal, practical, clear e, under some aspects, graciously descomplicada. Vide phrases of truck for-shock. As much that the term of Latin origin, ' ' pago' ' , it comes of ' ' paganum' ' that it means village. The European villagers (peoples of the forest) were infensos to the process of civilization under the Christian urban guardianship. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Brooke Harlow has to say. Exactly after the victory of the religious civilization, many practical popular considered undesirable or you disapproved, for the Church, had persisted in history.

As the abortion, for example. The industry of the naivety always was prosperous, prestigious with its defenders and rigorous with its adversaries. To preserve the ignorance it is basic. As by-product of a genetic manipulation it is not difficult to the Man to conclude that the technology is the tip of the spear of its true divine inheritance. It comes drawing out the life human being, deciphering its codes, bringing more comfort and creating solutions so that the negative balance of these conquests if incorporates the learning. Not as son of the creator of the universe nor as son ' ' of that one ' ' , the Man placed a foot in the Age of the Communications and not yet he concluded the first step. It is what it he was possible and was not little. The societies of the Age of the Communications will be very different of those where ideology of the belief prepondered. One is turning a page the history of the Humanity. The genetic code of the faith also has of being deciphered, making with that this valuable psychological resource is disponibilizado with more seriousness in the next future, emptying the exclusivismo and the aggressiveness of the tribal mentality still today fed by the ideology of the belief.