It is possible to transform the systems of energy of the world? It could be realised in two decades? The answers depend on the chosen technologies, the availability of materials critics and of economic and political factors. Only clean technologies the renewable energies come from seductive sources: wind, that also produces waves; water, that includes geothermal the hydroelectric energy, tides and (water warmed up by hot rocks); sun, that includes photovoltaic energy and the thermoelectrial lot that focuses the light of the sun to warm up a fluid that drives a turbine to generate electricity. Our plan at the moment includes only the technologies in operation or that are close today of the production in great scale, instead of which they can need 20 or 30 years preparation as of today. In order to make sure that our power system would remain clean, we considered only the technologies that throughout have almost zero gas discharges of greenhouse effect and polluting agents atmospherics their service life, including the construction, operation and dismantling. For example, when they are burned in the vehicles, the majority of the ecological ethanol sources even creates airborne contamination that causes the same level of mortality that when burning fire gasoline.

The nuclear power produces up to 25 times more of carbon dioxide emissions that the Aeolian energy, when the construction and the enrichment of the uranium Y its transport are considered. The carbon capture and its technology of kidnapping can reduce the dioxide emissions carbon of the thermal power plants, but it will increase the emission of polluting substances of the air and it will extend to all the other injurious effects of the mining, transports and processing of the coal, because it must use more coal to take care of the demand energetics of the stages of capture and storage. Also, we considered only the technologies that do not present/display elimination of residues or risks of being used by the terrorism.