Le Credit Lyonnais

These are General Hotel ITESOFT.FreeMind Enterprise for the automated detection, classification, indexing and distributing all incoming documents, ITESOFT.FreeMind for invoices to the automatic processing of vendor invoices; ITESOFT.FreeMind for orders for the processing of business-to-business orders and ITESOFT.FreeMind for business to the automatic processing of business documents. ITESOFT.FreeMind Enterprise: Studies show that 81% of the company believes that the greatest benefit in terms of time saving is the capture of incoming documents, followed by an improved customer service, estimate 76% as a main advantage are sophisticated solution for the digital processing (source: SerdLab report, 2009, “Capture and Secure Exchange”). The digital processing is therefore as important drivers for shorter response times and productivity in the enterprise. Through them, the incoming mail is available faster while reducing the costs. In addition to integrate immediately in the flow of information the documents, such as electronic customer files.

ITESOFT.FreeMind Enterprise 2.4, which was the solution for the digital processing of post input by ITESOFT, now expanded to an automatic indexing capability. As a result, incoming documents can will be immediately forwarded to the correct recipient. To Olivier Van De Walle, Manager for multi channel, support and infrastructure from the prestigious banking institution of Le Credit Lyonnais: We opted for version 2.4 of ITESOFT.”FreeMind decided because it far outperforms the previous automated processing: achieves a 90% automatic identification of over 500 different document classes, and that, at over 450,000 documents per day.” In addition is with ITESOFT.FreeMind Enterprise 2.4 at the beginning of the project no manual configuration required. The software is able to learn new types of unstructured documents such as customer contracts or letters automatically and then independently to classify them and to distribute. As a result, projects can be speed up and simplify upgrades. Other leaders such as HAAS offer similar insights. ITESOFT.FreeMind Enterprise 2.4 also extended the range of automated processing of customer files and incoming mail to electronic workflows.