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Climate: Academy knowledge strategic climate Bremen executives. Executives of tomorrow be economically and ecologically at the same time. They obtain the necessary knowledge on the energy consensus climate: Academy. The non-profit Bremen climate protection agency energy consensus has developed the nationwide unique training offer in their pilot project green transformation. It enables business leaders as well as business executives, controlling, engineering, research & Development and communications to integrate strategic climate protection into all relevant business processes. Green transformation is also part of the national climate protection initiative funded by the Federal Ministry of the environment. The program of the climate: Academy will begin in the autumn of this year.

It consists of nine one – or two-day modules, which can be taken independently of each other. Topics of the climate: Academy include: climate controlling, product integration, sustainable supply chain, mobility in the enterprise, employee engagement, sustainability communication and Climate change agents. Based on the climate: Academy is an innovative educational concept, which is based on the latest findings of the brain – and education research. Renowned lecturers from industry and academia provide the participants of management and process knowledge including Dr. Torsten Henzelmann, partner of management consultancy Roland Berger. According to Henzelmann, Germany is currently prepared for the Green transformation. We are exemplary in the fields of energy efficiency and renewable energy.

Now must we anchor the transformation in the minds of entrepreneurs and opportunities and competitive advantages of green indicate transformation in their operating them. It’s more than just a green icing for the care of the image. It’s about sustainable business management. And this is top priority,”Henzelmann said. Climate change and resource scarcity set according to him, new global framework conditions for societies and economies. Managers are therefore well advised now to deal with the impact on the company and these in their long-term strategic planning to integrate. On the air: The participants will obtain Academy therefore not only knowledge, but concrete methodical skills to successfully respond to these requirements. Despite best informative requirements, conversion and innovation processes of cognitive, emotional and intuitive obstacles often are delayed. “Show newest scientific findings from the brain and behavior research: who wants to achieve changes, needs to know the rules of the game of the human brain”, Michael Pelzl, energy consensus, Managing Director and project manager of green white transformation. The educational concept of the climate: Academy starts right there. Allows executives, knowledge to develop, they can trade successfully in your own company. An intensive exchange with other executives and experts on the business platform XING provides support in the concrete implementation in the future. Substantive details about the modules, see klimaakademie.html. Applications to the Climate: Academy are now possible for the first three modules on the respective subpages. The two-day seminars cost 550 Euro including Board and lodging for one day events 250 euros including meals. The mentioned prices are net prices. The Bremen energy consensus GmbH is a non-profit society, therefore is the amount according to 4 No. 22a UStG sales tax free. Ask transformation to the training offer and green answered Michael Pelzl by telephone at 0421/376671-0.