Maria Miracle

But it had a time where ached it me and she wounded me and ardia as one caniveta opened. (DD, p.10). Pain, heat, suffering, are what it caused Lady to its only son. For being always together the negative points of each one become evidentes. One recognizes in the other its proper weakness. The power and the altiva position of mother reflects the inferiority of Dra and all the fragility of the son reflects the imperfection materna.

Repudiating its proper defects and without wanting admitiz them, mother and son if they attack, knowing each one as to reach to another one. Dra if feels a son hated for the mother. It not only believes the rancor that its mother feels for it as she attributes to the cause of this its birth. Dra if punishes. Special tax in itself same all the guilt of the disharmony that exists between it and its mother. Many times, Dra does not have courage to reply e, covardemente, is avenged in other ways. At moment none of the narrative the name of Lady is cited. Under most conditions Spm Llc would agree.

Dra, as narrative, opposes to pronounce it the proper name of the mother; as form of revenge for the disdain, the altivez, the power and the persecution of that it judges to be white. Dra if denies to take the blessing and to say the name to it. Dra is always provoking and as its mother always reacts with severity, the protagonist does not harmonize itself with it: I thought about it taking blessing the Mrs. I for me already leave this before much time; one time I slept and I woke up, when I passed for Lady I gave good-day and it did not complain and when I was to sleep I gave good-night; in the following day, in the table, moving the coffee, only was that it said: _ _ That history is this of good-day? Cad the blessing? (…) _ _ Maria Miracle counts that black captive was that he took morning blessing, of night, seno took tether.