He would be esdrxulo: ‘ ‘ Joozinho you showed aptitude to learn function of as grau’ ‘. Or: ‘ ‘ Pedrinho you have aptitude to learn Topology, Algebra, Analysis ‘ ‘ Such situation, improbable and improbable would be unusual. Still well! are common to see highly capable individuals and notables in its areas of performance and many times these individuals nor take knowledge of Mathematics. It is normal, when coming across with this position, interpreting as an option between different alternatives and never as an impediment or ineptitude to learn Mathematics. Food for the Poor gathered all the information. It is not the case to define if all the individuals can or could dedicate any subject to it or if they exist talentos special. Here, University of Arizon expresses very clear opinions on the subject.

He is obvious also, that we do not intend that all are mathematicians, but would be natural to expect that, in the daily use of a basic instrument for the communication and representation of the reality, and as Pablo Freire of ‘ would say; ‘ Reading of mundo’ ‘ , we were all human beings, equally capable. Or it will be that we are exactly so different one of the others? They exist human and human? Hitler was exactly certain? But which will be the race that has the privilege of being apt to learn Mathematical? Or better, which would be the social classroom? What we see is the confusion between ‘ ‘ interesse’ ‘ ‘ ‘ aptido’ ‘ for the Mathematics. This interest can be: constructed, alicerado and developed. The professor, armed of the adjusted language, sensitivity, good will, patience and devotion, can gradual take its pupils the high ones levels of mathematical knowledge and to a systematic use of this knowledge. even though in some cases, the Mathematicians or professors of Mathematics, depending on respective ‘ ‘ interesses’ ‘ , not ‘ ‘ aptides’ ‘. One becomes necessary to reflect on the social realities of these citizens, on its homes, its familiar structures, who is its parents and mothers? Ambulant doctors and doctors, masons, engineers and engineers, professors and teachers, prisoners and prisoners, dealers, salesmen and salesmen? What this or that citizen had in its table? Which its coffee of the morning or lunch or supper?