Pierre Bourdieu

The legality and the public interest in a thing added yet to the question of the information. The main task of the journalism and communication in the Arab countries is to inform the general public, say, to make known a situation or event you. In an effort to neutrality, this information to the public must be necessarily via the media. This awareness of the need to inform the general public, was always apparent during various crises in the world. However, the media rarely have the time to make a full analysis of the situation and abide by some elements that find it resounding than others.

This false interpretations or misunderstanding by the public may arise, what even the journalists complain. The duty to the Information meets their sense in some ways only when different points of view, sources and subjects are offered and rendered the reality with a global, diverse and critical approach. The journalist not alone; produced the news in the journalistic work no one is directly responsible”. “5 Pierre Sormany describes this as follows: If you discuss the profession of journalist, must you understand it, to remain humble… is the journalist not as a social actor, but as an absolute and arbitrary power, as some call of importance.” 6 journalism is a profession that is designed to produce information in the service of the public. Daniel Schneidermann commented the statements of the sociologist Pierre Bourdieu, that make the nature of this profession in question giving it to, he write about journalism, because he clearly had turned about, that he felt guilty his profession to practice in effect: guilty, short and fast to write his article. The reader want to be informed quickly. Of course, this dual objective to inform, as quickly and as comprehensively as possible is contradictory. The competition between the media is a factor which further increased this pressure.