Mixture Fields

But apart from natural radioactivity, characteristic of uranium, thorium, radium and plutonium in nature also are the many manifestations as individual elementary particles (but not the nucleus of certain chemical elements) can be introduced in terms mikroprostranstva that under special conditions can be arise extreme values of the electric fields that can translate these into el.chastitsy gammakvanty. In particular, such phenomena occur frequently in the human air. For example, consider the micro- picture of the decomposition of protons and electrons in the air. Atoms and molecules that make up the mixture of air (mainly a mixture of oxygen and nitrogen), are a complex aggregate states of protons and neutrons (in nuclei) and electrons (in orbit) is very difficult to constantly alternating their relative position and at the same electric and magnetic fields, these protons, neutrons and electrons, also alternate, overlap, summarized. At various points mikroprostranstva by lining the fields there a variety of values of electric field and as a rare event there are extreme (heavy duty), the electric field. If a proton hits a point (or other value ekstemalnogo field gets an electron), it splits into a package gammakvantov (and the electron splits into gammakvant), which recorded the well-known counters gammaizlucheny. But we know that the nucleus of an atom of hydrogen – it is nothing more than a proton. So, who is in the air hydrogen (either atomic, or as a member of the molecules containing hydrogen) – or rather the core of an atom of hydrogen – with certain conditions can turn into a package gammakvantov and with this in the microenvironment may be separation of additional energy.