Premium Gourmet La Posta

Object of desire with this exclamation pluck the new marketing campaign of the brand of water Seductive Mineral Water which is coming to the world luxury markets.!! Its minimalist and renewed image of 750 ml glass makes this bottle of Mineral water without products chemical (is treated with ions of colloidal silver nanoparticles technology) makes it a true object of desire! We are always in search of new ways to surprise our customers expectations and the container has become the primary element of the marketing, as it is a tool of seduction for the consumer continues Sergio Molina President of the la Posta of Eagle company-. In particular, glass offers all the possibilities when it comes to shapes, colors and designs, which gives its products a value added quality, presence and exclusivity add new designs like these to our line of waters of a Gourmet luxury without chemicals, is only one way most always be improving. Today’s society is well aware of the need for a healthy and balanced diet. For this reason, the consumption of mineral water, which contains a myriad of healthy properties, is experiencing a significant increase in consumption ends Molina. On the range of products presented from La Posta del Aguila highlighted backrest that represent the years of the company’s experience in creating innovative formats. The creation of a new design reports a series of advantages for the consumer. More confidence in terms of quality and safety traceability, source, quality certified kosher Despierta range innovation interest in new forms of waters Premium Gourmet La Posta del Aguila is the single packer of water minerals Gourmet for the Argentina international market, with its bottling plant at the foot of the sierras of the Tala, in the town of Carmen skirt, in the center of the Cordoba country. Founded in 1997, the CIA. It has headquarters in Cordoba and international offices in Miami in Dubai (, Spain (, Brazil ( and in Geneva (Switzerland), for more information visit original author and source of the article.