The Patients

The founding entities had signed terms of commitment next to the health department for the creation of the ONA. (1-2-3) The acreditao definition, as the ONA, is a system of evaluation and certification of the quality of health services, volunteer, periodic and reserved. Characterized as legal entity of economic private law without ends, with national abrangncia. (1-2-3) In the Brazilian and international experience, it is an action co-ordinated for an organization or agency not governmental person in charge in the development and implantation of its methodology, in its principles has an educative eminent character come back toward improvement continues, without purpose of fiscalization or official control, not having to be confused with the procedures of licensing and typical actions of states. (1-2-3) The main advantages of the acreditao are to guarantee the security for the patients and professionals, quality of assistance, construction of team, useful instrument of management, with adapted criteria and concrete objectives to the Brazilian reality with way for improvement continues.

(1-2-3) The main ones interested for the acreditao process are lead and administrators, professionals of health, government and citizen. (1,4) The ONA has for general objective to promote the implantation of a permanent process of evaluation and of certification of the quality of the health services, allowing the improvement I continue of the attention, of form to improve the quality of the assistance, in all the rendering organizations of services of health of the country. (1,4) Having as principles: Mission to contribute for the improvement of the quality of the assistance to the health, in the development and evolution of acreditao system. Vision to become reference in the national organization of acreditao, with recognized methodology international, solid and trustworthy, compromised with the viabilizao of a process of quality, productivity improvement continues in the sector health. In 2001 the ONA was recognized for the health department as competent and authorized institution to operacionalizar the development of hospital acreditao in Brazil and 2002 for the ANVISA.