Reading Exercise

Possibilities these offered during the suggestions of activities that had been carried through and can be adapted to any cultural reality (reading wheel, posters with letters and illustrations, transformation of a sort in another one). For the efficient education of the language, according to PCNs (1996) she is necessary that it satisfies the necessity of the pupil and that if teaches to the dynamic language as something that is alive and that is part of the reality of the citizen. To know more about this subject visit PCRM. All education truily compromised with the exercise of the necessary citizenship to create conditions for the development of the capacity of efficient use of the language that satisfies necessities personal that they can be related to the actions effective of the daily one, to the transmission and search of information, to the exercise of the reflection. In way generality, the texts are produced, read and ears in reason of purposes of this type. Without denying the importance of that they answer the practical requirements of the daily life, they are the texts that they favor critical and imaginative the reflection, the exercise of elaborated and abstract forms of thought more, the most vital for the full participation in a society scholar (BRAZIL, 1996, p.37).

The responsibility of the school, therefore, is to facilitate the access of the pupils to the texts circulate that them, socially, to teach to produce them and to interpret them. so that the learning occurs of successive and significant form, being necessary the planning on the part of all the team of the school that is compromised to the commitment to teach and to mediate to the reading and the writing. 3. METHODOLOGY With the objective to explore ways for the formation of readers necessary and to contribute for the development of the abilities of reading and writing in the groups of the agricultural zone of the city of Manoel Vitorino-BA, it makes a bibliographical research, searching in some theoretical agreements on the subject: Reading and writing.