Scientific Council

However. It's no secret that there are times when people did not get the result. That is, it expectations did not materialize. He was neither better nor worse. He did not notice anything, and he felt at his feelings. But this does not refute, not to deny that changes are, and they go inside organizama. Why, then, no otschuschuny? Yes, because for the first time in a long time, it (the body) began to arrive earlier were in short supply pitalnye matter. It takes a while to all physiological systems, organs, filled, filled with essential materials for their livelihood.

It takes time to restore the functions and organs and systems. The organism was finally getting what has previously been denied. The longer maintained deficit, the longer the time to go to replace it, and recovery. How long to wait? How much time should pass to the person felt those changes? There are no such regulations. Every man, it happens in your turn. Sometimes months or even two months not enough to produce pronounced effect. And here would be wrong to show negative emotions, and reject, what is helping you.

In fact, you yourself bring to your body vital for him (ie himself) elements. Their number, sooner or later turns into the right quality. On this occasion there is a saying Director Institute of Nutrition RAMS, Chairman of the Scientific Council on medical problems, problems Food – Academician Viktor Tutilyan – today, the biggest one expert, the biggest expert on dietary supplements in Russia: "The majority do not get the effect of the use of food supplements because of lack of understanding of the mechanism of action, and the short-term administration, which does not allow to fully ensure the effectiveness of the manufacturer's product. " Should we abandon BADobavok? Decide for yourself. Every person must, moreover, must take responsibility for their lives for themselves. And this is the first thing we should do with you. Yourself, trust your own life. We need to understand for myself what I want from this life. What I'm having, and what I am missing. We need to know and understand what's happening with you, with your body, what and how they live. And if you or you take control of all your life for yourself, and move in the right and important to you towards making your life as you yourself want. Or, swim with the flow, surrendering to the will of the "waves" – the circumstances. Sooner or later, we go the distance, ending his career. Will you evaluate it? As he lived, which reached? Bad if you knew, and could not do that. Do, act, Do! Knowledge about what supplements really beneficial to human body, you have. How do you dispose of them, you decide. And let us have enough intelligence and will to make the right decision and do the right thing. Entrust your life itself, and its own system. And to help you BADobavki J. Oleg Semochkin.