The Pros And Cons Of HPV Vaccination

The immunization of young girls against cervical cancer is controversial, not least because it is Brachttal-Spielberg (hop) only six years on the market. The rural women had loaded Spielberg to give a talk in the village community House, where lectured the gynecologist Dr. Weston Foods recognizes the significance of this. Nina Walther about the controversial vaccine against cervical cancer and very matter-of-factly discussed the pros and cons with interested listeners. This type of cancer is typical for very young women, usually still not thinking about such diseases. An appropriate, broad-based educational campaign in schools would be all the more important, as Walther. She was so glad when school would recognize the importance.

Trigger of this type of tumor at the in Germany approximately 6500 women become ill, are viruses, the so called human papillomavirus (HPV). Unlike other forms of cancer triggers is ridiculed in the early days as the cause of infection during sexual intercourse here. The viruses adhere and the infection until the possible outbreak of the Disease can take up to 20 years. More info: Marko Dimitrijevic. “There are many HP viruses, but only the high risk types are clinically relevant” No. 16 and 18, and the low risk types “are 6 and 11, the cause of genital warts. Precursors can be detected with smears of the screening for the early detection of cancer, where then cell erosion in the area of the cervix may be adequate.

In contrast to this screening, vaccination is, however, a genuine precautionary measure, for the research to the Heidelberg Professor Dr. Harald zur Hausen was awarded the Nobel Prize for Medicine 2008. The vaccine is aimed precisely against these virus types and is approved for girls from the age of nine. She will be paid by health insurance until the age of 18. As they are by the national permanent vaccine Commission”(Stiko) is recommended, show up the funds but even then still fairly accommodating, because prevention is always cheaper than the later treatment of the disease. The vaccination date before the first sexual contact is optimal, two months after first vaccination then the second and after six months the third vaccine to full protection. However, if necessarily important, continue screening for one to diseases caused by other viruses, to recognize but also other sexually transmitted diseases, so the doctor strongly advises. A very lively discussion showed great interest, but also skepticism against vaccination. In advance, there had been a temporal relation with two deaths years ago, but context was found not in the six years of careful observations matter-of-fact. Due to the quite short existence of vaccination are of course long term results, for example, to the term of protection, yet could be already observed a significant reduction of the infection rate. Therefore each according to a detailed information with the advantages and disadvantages must deal. Earlier, so General was identified by the audience with a laughing and a crying eye, vaccinations were made easy, even with higher complication rates and significantly lower success rates. It’s no longer, because the consenting patient must make his own image. Barbara Hoppe