The Golden Age

If you stop to feed your brain thriller and action movie, then this will force you to look for other priorities and other criteria for your existence. Step One: Limit themselves from unnecessary and harmful information! "Do not fight darkness – you just need to light a candle! – Any action causes reaction, and it is – the laws of physics. No need to fight with this world, leave the government and politicians make a fool of themselves and further – to close parallel to build a new world, different from the existing one. When the scope and boundaries of the new world will be large in relation to the world exists, then the time will come a new civilization. Then in the new civilization will be the remnants of the previous one, that is, today, and they will steadily decrease. This – also natural processes and must be initiated by people themselves. Therefore, step two: meet good for evil.

Herein lies the biggest fear, because it is – fear for their lives. But today there is no other way: all other ways, too, lead to the loss of life! However, please realize that many victims of the righteous will accompany these changes. And we must remember that the gift is nothing in the world is not given, but only for a certain price, which is often life itself. The Golden Age will not come as a gift from God – it must earn, suffer to earn. Here, too, there exists a critical mass.